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Visual Instruction
Emergency tyre repair:
Important: not for use on side walls.
- Inflate tyre before attempting repair.
- Locate puncture and remove object.
-Put some solution onto reamer and insert reamer into injury, ream through tyre clockwise in and out 3 times.
-Centre inserting plug in slot of inserting tool and lubricate with solution.
-Push inserting tool with inserting plug, showing towards the sides of tyre, all the way into tyre injury, until about 15mm of plug remains outside tyre.
-Pull tool straight out.
-Inflate and cut off protruding seal.
Tyre is now ready for use.
Important Notice:
Wear protective safety glasses when undertaking repairs.

Have authorised tyre dealer inspect all repairs as soon as possible.

The distributors of the products do not accept liability for loss damage or injury due to use of the products
Caution: Permanent Repairs.
Permanent repairs must be follow asap.

Permanent repairs require removal of tyre from wheel and application of either a mushroom plug or tyre patch.
Dual path/plug two piece repair:
Recommended for larger injuries.

  • Complete entire procedure as in emergency tyre repair using the inserting seal it plug.
  • Cut off the excess of plug on inside of tyre.
  • Buff area on inside of tyre to prepare for patch application. clean thoroughly with lint free cloth or brush.
  • Apply thin layer of solution to buffed area and allow to dry.
  • Remove backing from patch, place over injury and stitch/roll firmly from centre outwards to remove air.
  • Remove cellophane from patch. tyre is now ready for use.
Mushroom plug one piece repair:
For small nail or thorn injuries.

  • Probe from outside to determine size and direction of injury.
  • Ream the injury and then clean thoroughly.
  • Buff area where mushroom plug will cover and clean with lint free cloth or brush.
  • Lubricate reamer with solution and apply solution to buffed area.
  • Allow solution to dry.
  • Remove backing from mushroom plug and insert plug into the puncture from inside of tyre.
  • Grasp the protruding point with a pair of pliers and pull the point through the tyre.
  • Allow the repair to settle a few minutes before cutting off excess.
Tyre is now ready for use.

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